A sports activity promotion project has been launched.



What is the “Sports activity Promotion Project”?


Background to project planning

In Nepal, where much of the country is mountainous, most schools do not have large playgrounds. There aren’t many physical education teachers either. We thought that if Nepalese people could have more fun with physical activity, it would help them in terms of health and learning. In this context, we met “Mr. Tej Gurung” from the Nepal Olympic Commission during the 32nd delegation to Nepal (April 29 – May 7, 2018). Mr. Gurung has represented Nepal and South Asia in handball and has a keen interest in children’s sports. It was therefore decided that the Buddha Foundation and Mr. Gurung would work together to plan the implementation of a sports event as a “Sports activity promotion project”.

Project Planning

“First, let’s do an event led by the Buddha Foundation! ” So, we planned a “japanese style sports day” at the Bhagawati School, which we have a close relationship with. (We are in close contact with Mr. Prakash, the chairman of the Bhagawati School Management Committee, so we are able to proceed with the planning while we are in Japan.)
Since Bhagawati School was in the process of restoring half of the school grounds lost in a landslide in February 2018, we wanted to make the ‘Sports day’ a celebration of the completion of the work.

We decided to plan the “Sports day” that would be a fun and physical activity (so that wins and losses would not be too important) and that would deepen the relationship between the school and the community.


additional information (Mar 2, 2019.)

The 33rd Delegation in November 2018 held discussions with Bhagawati School on “Sports day”. We also had a meeting with Mr. Prakash by email afterwards.
And it was approved by the Board of Directors on February 28, 2019 that
“The 1st Bhagawati School Sports Day” will be conducted during the visit of the 34th Nepal delegation in April-May 2019!