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If you are interested in international contribution or Nepal, please support the Buddha Foundation with your “what you can do”.
The power of each person may be small, but when those small forces come together, they become a great power. We need your help!
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We are looking for volunteers to participate in the following activities.

1.Publicity for the BFJ (Update the website and edit the bulletin ) NOW TAKING VOLUNTEERS!

2.Participation in the Nepal Delegation (Let’s work with BFJ in Nepal.)

3.Volunteering at BCML, Bhagawati School, etc.,(A case of volunteering separately from the BFJ delegation) We’re always looking for!

4.Participation in events in Japan conducted by or in cooperation with the Buddha Foundation

**To apply for 1 and 3, please contact the secretariat via the form below or by email or fax.

**2 and 4 will post the “Notice of Recruitment” on our website. Subscribe for our newsletter, you will receive notifications by email

**Expenses (such as transportation costs) in 2 and 3 are basically at your own expense.


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You can also apply to be a volunteer here.