Why we named our NPO as Buddha Foundation

The district where we mainly support is placed in one of the mountaneous areas of Nepal, where Gautama Shiddha Rutah’s (anther name for Buddha) birth place, Rumbini is famously known as one of the four World Heritage in Nepal.
Although 80% of the Nepalese is Hindu, we thought Buddha is admired and loved by all the people of the world and therefore would be most suited for our organization to bridge Nepal – Japan friendship.

How did we come about to establish Buddha Foundation

It all started in November 1991 when a young Nepalese “Mr.J”(age of 22 at that time) visited Dr. Takaji Yamaguchi’s cardiogoly clinic in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
He had a serious heart desease. He developed a severe case of infectious endocarditis and continued to have a high fever, sepsis and heart failure. The fungus from the tooth decay had entered the heart and taken up residence in the aortic valve. It is a serious disease that would lead to death if not properly cured.
In January 1992, He received a prosthetic valve replacement surgery at Hamamatsu Medical Center and was saved and became healthy.
Due to Dr. Yamaguchi’s hard work, he was able to have an operation at Hamamatsu City Medical Hospital in January, 1992, and he wecame well.
However, his term to legally stay in Japan was already over, and was taken by Nagoya Immigration to be sent back to Nepal in April, 1993.
Although he returned to Nepal with a year worth medicine , Dr. Yamaguchi was worried that he might have complications from the prosthetic valve, so he visited Nepal to see Mr.J in May 1993.
After then, Dr. Yamaguchi visits Nepal every year for Mr. J’s check-up, and started to learn about Nepalese history, people, religion, political system, and how people in Nepal live under poverty. He asked for himself, “Isn’t there anything I can do for these people?”
He tried to plant Wasabi (Japanese Horse Radish), which is cost effective. However, due to the political turbulence he had to give up.
Dr. Yamaguchi felt the need for hospital in Nepal, and visited some nominee areas with his friends in May 2001.
During this period, they organized the first health camp in Jivanpour Village (Darding District). One of his friend, Mr. Ramichane did the preparation, and Dr. Darma Shresthda who learned in Japanese Medical school also joined.
After coming back from Nepal, Dr. Yamaguchi and his friends had a discussion and started an organization to support Nepal.
In July 2001, preparation committee for Buddha Foundation was established, and first board meeting was held that August with Establishment Objective, and Rues appoved.
At the same time in Nepal, Buddha Foundation Pokhara(BFP) was also established by Dr. Darma as the head of the organization.

NPO status

The Nepal support project was discussed at the board meeting, and initial project was as follows.
1. Build regional back up hospital for medical support
2. Support needy children’s education in poor rural areas.
3. Support the Industrial development by using Nepalese products to produce goods to sell.
4. Support nursery schools in order to up-lift the situation of women in Nepal.

The members felt the need to apply for NPO status, and Buddha Foundation was approved, and established in March 2002.
More over, it became the first Shizuoka Prefecture NPO in March, 2005.