Message from the President

Seven years have passed since Ms. Toshiko Niimi passed away, who entrusted me with her inheritance, with the feeling that “I want to have it utilized for the disadvantaged children in Southeast Asia”.
In the meantime, in order to realize her will, I gathered ideas with the members of Buddha Foundation, Yamaguchi Honorary Director, Mizuno Director, and Harada former director and created a mobile library vehicle (large bus) named “Niimi-go”, to one of the poorest country in Southeast Asia, Nepal. This bus still deliver books to elementary school in the mountainous places of Himalaya by her will.
Did you know that many children who can not have decent education live in the hinterland of Himalayas and girls who can not choose their future because they are poor and from low caste?
We hope that we can make a change for such children as much as possible, by working together with the Nepalese people, in the area of medicine, education (including sports promotion), empowerment of women, industrial promotion as our main interest.
We continue to listen to the voice of local people which have not been heard, and we will work together to develop grassroots activities for the happiness of our children.
Last but not least, Buddha Foundation is an organization supported by the will of Toshiko Niimi, and by all our supporting members. We continue to work for the betterment of the deprived people of Nepal, and wish everyone’s continuous support.

(September 2018)