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Himalaya Sabre project

In July 2018, the project was launched as a new “Empowerment of Women” Activity and “Industrial Promotion” Activity
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Sakulaligurans project

– Education and vocational training for girls in Nepal –

October 11th 2012 was the date of enactment of “The International Girl’s Day.” United Nation’s Children’s Day was enacted in 1954, but after 58 years, again, such date was established is that around the world, girls’ lives have not been improved.
It’s been more than 21 years since our organization began supporting Nepal. It’s been 11 years since Buddha Foundation as an organization started it’s activity. During these years, we have been watching the Nepales society closely, and surely the society has made progress. Aside from the urban areas, the farm villages, and mountainous areas’ women ‘s lives have not changed. This can be said to developing countries as a whole. The UN says the objective of enacting “Girls’ Day” is to raise the problem of teenage girls’ drop-out from compulsory education, forced to marry at early age, and human trafficking. These issues are truly the issues of Nepalese girls. I have met many girls who are in such tough situation, and thought of launching a project so that such girls can change their living. I’ve been engaged in projects to “change Japan,” but I’ve decided to put that aside and spend rest of my life with my husband to support Nepal. The project is “Education and vocational training for girls.” Miraculously, this project will start in the same year as “UN Girls Year”, and the project detail is as follows:

  1. Reading and writing of Nepalese, and mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  2. Vocational training: making dress, and other small things.
  3. 6 months training by group of five (training fee will be paid).
  4. Living in dorm in Pokhara City (life training)
  5. Graduation production is vest (for exceptional student, sewing machine will be lent).
  6. Create supporting system

If these girls can sew vests which doesn’t have collar or sleeves, they will soon develop their dress making techniques to more complex clothe making. I believe someone will become successful and make their own company in the future.
**Jan. 2013  By Yuko Yamaguchi (then Director)

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