Buddha Children Mobile Library (BCML)  project

We have made base library for the children in poverty,and donated mobile library bus. And…we also go to schools in the mountainous areas too!

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~Opening of our base library~

♦ We deliver books to remote area schools by mobile library bus “Niimi-go” so that children will have lots of chance to read books.

This project started by our hope that “We wish Nepalese children gain opportunity to read books”.
The mobile library bus will visit schools in remote areas of Kaski County as a support for children’s equal opportunity for education. The committee members of this library consist of Buddha Foundation Japan (BFJ) board members; Dr. Takaji Yamaguchi, Mr. Harada, and Mr. Mizuno. From the Nepal side, the members of Himalaya Buddha Foundation (HBF) President Mr. Tej Kumar and other five board members, ex-President of Tribhuvan University Pokhara College, and former chief librarian of the college, and lawyer are members.
On December 30 2012, Hamamatsu-Naka Rotary Club members and members of “BFJ” visited Nepal on the 21st Delegation Tour to attend the opening ceremony of “Buddha Children’s Mobile Library” and launch of the mobile library bus, which virtually opened the start of this mobile library project.

In 2017, we’ve relocated our library to Nadipur in Pokhara City, where there are many schools. During the breaks, many children came to read books.
Also, from then we have started “Reading Camp” and “Book Review Contest” in collaboration with the schools that we have been visiting by the library bus which our chief librarian Mr. Iswori and the teachers of the schools have been cooperating ever since. We wish to make our library activity not just delivering books to schools, but which children can become more proactive to reading books and to enjoy them.

♦ New base library / Scenes from Reading Camp