Field of Activities

NPO Buddha Foundation support Nepal in the four fields

1.Medical&Health 2.Education
3.Empowerment of Women 4.Industry



Ongoing Projects

Nepal Delegation
Buddha Children’s Mobile Library project  (2)  Dec.2012–
Bhagawati School Coffee project (2&4) 2009–
Helaro Academy Scholarship project  (2)  Apr.2018–
Sports activity promotion project (2&1) Feb.2018–
Himalaya Cookie project(tentative name)  (3&4)  Jul.2018–


Major projects in the past

Free Medical Camp  (1)  Aug.2001-May.2019
Bhagawati landslide relief project   (2)  May.2018-May.2019 **Japanese Only
Sakulaligurans project  (3&2)  Dec.2012-Nov.2017
Nepal earthquake support project  May.2015-Sep.2016
・Bhagawati school building project   (2)  Jan.2014-Sep.2015
Nepal NGO invitation Nov.2014
Support for the ”Bar Peepal School” (Salle, Dhading)  (2)  Apr.2006-2014
”Uchiwa”, made of lokta paper – project (4) 2005-2011
Buddha Hospital Project (1) 2003-2007