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Buddha Children’s Mobile Library (BCML) project

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Karabang Village, Bhagawati School Coffee Farm (also Industrial Support Activity)

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The latest news on Bhagawati School Coffee Farm Project!

For Buddha foundation, education support doesn’t mean just building schools, or giving books, stationaries. As a sustainable support, NGO Helaro Academy has advised us to make coffee farm in low cast village, and get school operational funds by selling that coffee beans. I have spoke with one of our board member, Mr. Mizuno and we decided to move proactively.
At that time I lived in Nepal, so there was plenty of time. I visited Karabang Village, Bhagawati School, and found that the back of the school’s hilly area was a nice forest with lots of trees and free to use. The coffee specialist said we will successfully make coffee there by 70 percent. We need to cut some old trees and plant coffee tree.
In January 2009, the president of Helaro Academy, Mr. Yogendra Sherchan and I signed a contract for coffee farm project, and planted a coffee for the ceremony.
After returning to Japan, I have met the Chairman of Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC), by introduction from my friend, and asked for support. Mr. Ueshima agreed to support us, as Nepalese coffee has a story to tell and it would be a wonderful project. In order to improve the quality, they will support us by agricultural technology and how to make the beans into a coffee, and eventually sell as Himalayan Highland Mountain Coffee. We will do our best to make this a success.

Sports activity promotion project (as well as Medical and Health support PJ)

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Heralo Academy Scholarship project

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Salle Vllage, Bilpipal School Support

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One of our board members Mr. Mizuno, who’s in charge of the educational support project mainly works on this project. Coincidentally, he met with Dr. Hom B. Rijar at Kyoto Naka rotary club anniversary party, and Dr. Rijar attended our board meeting in March 2005. Dr. Rijar asked to support Bilpipal School in Darding District, Salle Village. Mr. Mizuno was moved, and he started to organize detailed support program.
In that July, Mr. Mizuno met with the Salle Village mayor in Kathmandu and promised to support the school. In 2006 April, he visited Salle Village to start the project, which activities include building the school and starting school lunch, support for teachers’ salary, and sending a teacher to Kathmandu for special training on caring for the disabled children.
We have supported this school for 5 years, which not only made the school building beautiful, but the educational level rose, and many students from near by villages heard the news and came to the school. The students increased from 100 to 250.
In 2011 September, most of the 10th graders graduated by passing the SLC national exam, which is very rare for such rural school in Nepal. We have interviewed the graduates and chose to support 3 students with scholarship to study in college. This scholarship fund is from the Niimi Fund. Mr. Mizuno have continued to donate books to the Kaski district school libraries as educational support. Those books are still used in some schools as Mizuno library.