Buddha Children Mobile Library Report Aug 1st 2014 ~ July 31 2015


BCML Report

The decision of BFJ to set up a mobile library in Pokhara was a right move for a good cause. There is a saying ,”If you expect a plant in ten years sew a seed; if you expect good environment in ten years , plant a tree . But if you expect good nation in ten years , build a library.”

The fact that only 8,000 schools have libraries out of 28,000 schools proves the significance of mobile library in Nepal. Library facility offered by mobile library has been very effective especially in rural areas where they do not get chance to read any books except few course books.

The longing of students for reading BCML books is so high that teachers request us not to deliver the books during exam period. This proves the effectiveness of our program. In the first stage ,we are trying to reach our resources to innocent students from big or small schools alike. There is no disparity.This  provides them an excellent opportunity to read and explore the world through books. We have been successful in reaching library resources to almost 20,000 students from 200 schools.

Achievements in Figures

  1. Number of recipient Schools- 200

  2. Repetition of service in a year- 75% – 5 times

    25%- 4 times

  3. Number of books for each delivery – primary-150 to 200

    high schools 300 to 400

  4. Total number of students benefiting from mobile service- 20,000

  5. Cases of book lost- Less than 0. 1%

  6. Schools’ Response- 75%very good

    15% good

    5% careless

  7. Talent Exposure Program

      : Football training in five schools , Japanese volunteer

    :Story Telling by former college teacher

    :Spelling Remembering Techniques by two

    European volunteers,Linda and Lahmu

    :Arts,Drawing and Painting

    We are trying to utilize and explore the resource -human or library resource to the benefit of students.


    Strategies for Next Year

  1. To ensure that the books are utilized fully ,recipient schools will have to maintain  borrowing and lending record book for each book read by students. Now, we plan to provide our library resource to recipient schools minimum four times a year after each term exams. Immediately after term breaks they have slightly less load.
  2. To make schools more accountable, schools will have to pay for lost books. So far, there have been very few losses. Most schools understand that one title of book should benefit hundreds of students. So most schools offer to pay for lost books themselves.
  3. Selection and filtering of schools will be made in the next year on the merit of their accountability. The ones which cooperate to our program fully, will continue getting our resources.
  4. Readers’ club will be formed in each recipient school so as to make best uses of BCML books. This will also help us to monitor impact of our program. Best readers’ club will be rewarded.
  5. During school  holidays and breaks, access of mobile facility will be provided to children in their  own communities through NIIMIGO. This process has already started.We are always looking for ways to make most use of the resources we have.
  6. For talent exposure and development some programs on arts, sports, reading will be held in schools.
  7. For human resource development some training on library management to BCMl staff and school teachers,other capacity building training for our project staff would be better.