■Buddha Foundation Japan is a certified Non-profit Organization
Buddha Foundation Japan is the pioneer of Non-profit Organizations in Tokai area, being the first NPO authorized by the NATIONAL TAX AGENCY in Shizuoka prefecture for it’s appropriate administration organization, publicity of the projects activation, and of being supported by many people. Since then we have been reauthorized in 2007 and 2009, 2013 maintaining the honor as certified Non-profit Organization.
As such, donation to our organization will be subject to tax deduction and special measures of the taxation system will be applied.
Donations from individuals: The donation is subject to one’s income tax deduction.
Donations from corporations: Companies making donations may add up their donating amount as profit loss. Besides the limited amount of corporate loss, there is a special category of profit loss.
When an individual gains property by succession or bequest, and donates the inherited property: The donated property’s valuation will be excluded from the inheritance tax (only when donated before the declaration deadline of the inheritance tax).
When donated to Buddha Foundation, we will issue a receipt stating that your donation meets the above requirements, and the amount of money donated. Donators are able to declare tax deduction by submitting this receipt. We hope you will utilize this privilege.


■Invitation to become our member, and request for donation

We wish your warm support and understanding for our activities. Please invite your friends to join us as well !
Regular Member       one share        : 12,000 yen
Individual Supporting Member one share   : 6,000 yen
Group Supporting member  one share             : 30,000 yen

Back account for Donation transfer
・JP Bank Co., Ltd. Account No. 00890-7-104787